Ice Ball Maker: Silicone Sphere Mold for Round Ice Cubes
Ice Ball Maker: A silicone sphere mold to make round ice cubes to add a splash of class to your cocktail, fruit juice drink, iced coffee, or iced tea. Dishwasher safe. 6 pack of individual ice molds so you don't have to wait as long to make more.
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Ice Ball Maker

Silicone Ice Ball Maker Mold

The secret to impressing your friends and guests!

The Kitchen Top Secret Ice Ball Maker set has six ice ball molds that create round ice cubes.  Use them in any kind of drink! The round ice swirling in your glass is always an eye catcher.  People “oooh” and “aaaah” when they find this unexpected ice sphere cooling their beverage.  And, because of the shape, the surface area of the ice ball is less per volume and usually last longer than normal ice cubes and thus does not water down your drink as fast.  The sphere size is large enough to last, but small enough to fit most standard rocks glasses.

Easier, Bigger, Better, Faster…

The ice ball molds are compact chef gadgets so they are easy to store.  Because there are six individual units in this ice ball maker set, it doesn’t take as long as trays or an ice press.  They each have a fill line for reference and the ice molds are translucent so you can see when to stop filling them.  Once you’ve made your ice sphere, just throw the kitchen tool into the dishwasher to clean it up.

Don’t you want to impress your friends the next time they come over?
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I always take Scotch whiskey at night as a preventive of toothache. I have never had the toothache; and what is more, I never intend to have it.
~Mark Twain


This sphere ice ball mold 6 pack gives you the sense of luxury by making round ice balls for cocktails like Scotch ,Whiskey, Bourbon, and other beverages.

Fruit & Coffee Drinks

You can freeze fruit like citrus slices or raspberries or cucumber chunks to enhance a regular ice ball or use your favorite flavor fruit juice to make great colorful ice spheres.

Party Decorations

The sphere size is large so you can easily make decorations to fill punch bowls and pitchers at your next party. Add some color to the ice and liven up your event!

Kitchen Top Secret ice ball maker features some of the best qualities for your benefit.

Big Sphere Size

Makes 2.5 inch diameter ice ball that fits in most rocks glasses.

Compact Modules

Store in a kitchen drawer easily and find a small place in any standard freezer.

Translucent & Fill Line

You can see the liquid as you fill it, and use the fill line as a reference so your sphere is less likely to get a nub or a flat spot on it.

Great Gift

Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or just because; round ice molds are always a big favorite as a gift.

Make More

Set of 6 speeds up the process of making several ice balls so you don't need to buy several sets.

FDA Approved

Silicone Mold is durable, long lasting, and easy to release the ice.

Dishwasher Safe

Ice mold is made of silicone, so it is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Free Shipping

Save some money with free shipping!

Family Fun

Kids love the fruit flavored ice balls and adults talk about how interesting their cocktails become. Its fun for the whole family!

You can freeze fruit like citrus slices or raspberries or cucumber chunks to enhance a regular ice ball or use your favorite flavor fruit juice to make great colorful ice spheres.
It even works with ice cream!

The Kitchen Top Secret Ice Ball Maker is very easy to use:

  • Snap together the two halves
  • Be sure they are tight
  • Put in any extras like a piece of fruit, citrus, or edible flowers for decoration
  • Pour your liquid of choice in to the hole on top (water, fruit juices, coffee, tea, etc.)
  • Use the reference fill line to determine when to stop filling
  • It might take a couple experiments as liquids freeze at different rates so the fill line may not be exact
  • Once you fill it, put it in the freezer
  • Its best if you leave the ice ball maker in the freezer over night- but at least keep it there a few hours
  • Remove your Kitchen Top Secret chef gadget from the freezer
  • It is best to let it sit a few minutes to loosen the mold, you can also run it under some cold water to expedite the process
  • Now, peel off the two halves of the mold
  • Put your way cool ice ball into a glass and add your favorite beverage

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