Iced Coffee - What You Need to Know to Save the Day
Left over coffee from the morning pot? Did you get too busy and miss your chance to savor in that fresh brew? Here is a way to save the day - Discover what to do with that left-over coffee to save your afternoon.
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Iced Coffee – Saving Your Afternoon!

iced coffee

Iced Coffee – Saving Your Afternoon!

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o, you made a pot of coffee this morning but only had a cup or two.  Now there is this room temperature coffee sitting there.  What do you do?  Don’t trow it out!  Put in the the refrigerator in a glass or pitcher, depending on how much you made,  and save it for that afternoon lull in energy.


Afternoon Coffee


It seems that about 3pm energy levels have a bit of a drop.  So that coffee you put in the fridge will serve you well.  Pour some in a glass over one of your Kitchen Top Secret Ice Balls, and add some milk, cream, or half-n-half to it!  You might even try to add some flavoring to it – if it isn’t already a flavored coffee.  It will brighten up your mood and make that last few hours of work go a little easier.


What if your office doesn’t have an ice ball maker?



Then you can do a couple of things:


Bring one of your own from home.  The KTS Ice Ball Makers come in a set of 6 so you have plenty to spare.  Keep one of the molds in your desk drawer.  When you get to work in the morning just fill it with water and then put it in the office freezer.  It will be ready for you by the afternoon lull!


Another option is to make several ice balls at home and put them in a couple of  zip lock sandwich bags and take them into work (consider transporting them in a cooler).  Put a weeks worth in the freezer so they are there waiting for you.  Or share with your co-workers!


The Ice ball melts pretty slowly, so it is liable to last right up to 5pm if you are a slow drinker.  And then, it is time to move on to happy hour!  Another great time to use your ice ball!  Wow, who knew how versatile these things were?

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